Unlike the other types of strength on this list, relative strength takes an individual’s body composition into consideration  and comes as a result of developing the other six modalities. “Relative strength is a reflection of how strong you are compared to your personal size—it’s based on your personal abilities, size, and gains over time,” says Cifelli. “In this ability to control your own bodyweight through space, it’s often found that smaller individuals have more relative strength. It all comes down to strength-to-weight-ratio.”

To determine the starting point for your own relative strength, write down your max number of reps on a specific bodyweight exercise (for example, push-ups) and divide it by your weight. Over time, as you get stronger, you should be able to do more reps, and that number will increase.

How to work relative strength: 

Since relative strength comes as a result of working all of the other types of strength on this list, there aren’t really any specific moves that can help you target it. Instead, focus on the other modalities, and watch your relative strength improve as a result.