This is the type of strength that you work with those all-out effort moves during HIIT workouts. “Explosive strength allows you to move yourself or an object quickly, with a lot of force,” says Cifelli. Think: jumping and powerlifting, aka the types of moves that require a lot of energy for a short amount of time. “Explosive strength improves the speed of motor unit recruitment, enhances intramuscular coordination, reduces reaction time, and improves the resiliency of muscle and connective tissue,” says Wilson.

How to work explosive strength: 

Think about movements that require you to explode (like box jumps, snatches, and cleans). “Medicine ball throws are a great place to start,” says Cifelli. Start with five non-stop explosive throws from your chest to a wall, then rest. In your second round, either throw harder, or take a few steps back and continue to try and generate that extreme force. Do five rounds of five reps.