Agile strength, according to Wilson, is “the ability to change directions quickly and powerfully.” That’s characterized by quick accelerations in speed, direction, or velocity, or carrying heavy weights in multiple directions. This, Wilson says, helps your body to move with ease and fluidity in any direction, which improves your coordination and balance while helping to prevent injuries. The good news? You’re probably working your agile strength on the reg without even realizing it.

How to work agile strength:

Agile moves are characterized by “multi-directional workouts with low to moderate weight,” says Miami-based fitness coach and surfer natasha franco. Pros suggests things like medicine ball lat shuffles and direction-change sprints. “Try 30 to 60 seconds of farmer’s carries with a moderate-heavy weight,” says Wilson. Take it around your neighborhood or gym, feeling each time you need to change direction.” Rest for 60 to 90 seconds between sets, and repeat for three to five rounds.